Anya Grushina
Physicist and Science Journalist
Physics is crazier than Sci-Fi
Physics is so weird (the quantum part at least), so epic (the range of scales), and so true (yay, the scientific method!), that the text books only lack a hero and a villain to be real page-turners.

I received a PhD for my work in the field of quantum electronics and graphene physics at the University of Geneva. I've always been passionate about experimental research. Everything that has cables, buttons, and screws automatically attracts me. Now, that I am not working in the lab anymore, I enjoy writing about what other physicists do, so everybody else can learn something new.

I am a contributing author for the oldest (and the most awesome, of course) popular science magazine in Russia called "Наука и Жизнь" (Science and Life).
If you want me to write something for your web-site or magazine, too, write me an email!

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